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Training for vulnerable young people 

Burkina Faso

Sharing experiences

Sharing experiences

Blaise Oscar ILBOUDO,
Director of the promotion of professional skills at FAFPA in Burkina Faso

"In Burkina, like other countries in the sub-region, we are going through a security crisis with massive population displacements. From this point of view, we thought it was important to have a special focus on vulnerable people.

we have set up a specific program for this type of public, which is now producing concrete results. Because the massive displacements have created a certain instability and therefore the usual tools of the Fund (company training plans, collective training projects and apprenticeships) could not take care of this type of public.

These are modular training courses leading to qualifications, because traditional apprenticeships are no longer fashionable in countries like ours. Young people no longer have the time to learn for two or three years. So we have opted for short modular training courses leading to qualifications. And this approach gives extraordinary results because there is more practice than theory. And the young person is immediately employable.

Blaise Oscar Ilboudo

Blaise Oscar ILBOUDO,
Director of the promotion of professional skills at FAFPA in Burkina Faso

Our approach

Le projet fonctionne sous l’approche formation individuelle. Nous faisons un avis à sélection comme si on accordait des bourses à ces jeunes. Donc le jeune a la latitude d’aller s’inscrire dans le centre de formation qui lui plait et dans la filière qu’il souhaite effectivement se voir former. L’esprit, c’est de donner plus de possibilités aux jeunes de décider par lui-même de son propre avenir. Et ça c’est vraiment une originalité parce qu’habituellement, à travers l’apprentissage, vous avez les promoteurs qui viennent et qui décident de former des jeunes dans un domaine donné. Or ici, le jeune a la possibilité de faire le choix de sa filière et il est libre de dire je vais me former dans tel centre et nous lui accordons une sorte de bon de formation comme des bourses.

More than 1000 young beneficiaries

And today, we have more than 1000 young people who have been trained with more than two billion CFA francs. This experience has given confidence to the technical and financial partners who have just granted us an even larger amount to go in the direction of taking care of vulnerable youth in a specific way within the framework of our financing.

Insertion in question

In this dynamic of training vulnerable youth, we put a lot of emphasis on insertion and all the youth who have been trained and evaluated are provided with insertion kits. There is a follow-up mechanism at the level of the Fund to follow all these young people until they can find what to do. So we train them with a view to inserting them and all the young people trained leave with insertion kits. Today, we have already trained more than 1500 young people in this program in different crafts. You can have mechanics, carpentry, construction, agro-sylvo-pastoral ... You have training in the field of innovations. You know the country knows more and more mining scandal and therefore, you have trades that fall under the field of mining including driving heavy machinery etc..

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