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The concept of the one-stop shop ...

Sharing experiences

Sharing experiences

Technical Advisor to the Director General of the ONFP of Senegal.

"In the organization of a fund for financing vocational training, rather than having directorates or departments as is usually the case, there should be windows. And the term "window" was not given by chance. It is a term that responds to the primary mission of a fund, that of collecting all the resources necessary for vocational training and redistributing them in the sector.

A Fund can therefore be considered a bank. It is the bank of professional training.
So when you knock on the door of a bank, you go to the counter that interests you.
According to the structures that exist in most of the member funds of the African Network of Vocational Training Institutions and Funds (ANVTF), we should speak, among other things, of a company window for the financing of company training plans; a window for individual requests for young people seeking training, etc...

L'expérience du 3FPT du Sénégal

The 3FPT of Senegal is the Fund that is in such a dynamic. It even has a Vocational and Technical Training Establishments window because it prioritizes the upgrading of establishments which are the relays through which the training reaches the targets.

Sène OUSMANE du Sénégal

Technical Advisor to the Director General of the ONFP of Senegal.

The counter for whom and how?

It is a window which is intended to prepare them, to better equip them with material means so that they can well play the role of training operator.
It also has a window that is somewhat transversal, called the quality assurance window.
This allows all the other counters to upgrade, to have more or less international standards, standardized standards that allow to raise the level of services offered.
This is what can be said about the name of the window, which is nothing more than a name related to the primary mission of a Fund: a bank for professional training.
Its funding comes from what can be called the Taxe d'Apprentissage or the Contribution Forfaitaire à la Charge de l'Employeur (CFCE) in Senegal.

This tax, which is collected from companies, is regularly transferred to the Vocational Training Fund. And it is up to the Board of Directors to provide each window with a budget, according to the objectives.

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