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President re-elected in 2021
Director General of FAFPA-Niger

 To contribute significantly to the development of vocational training in the member countries of the Network

Develop exchanges between institutions and vocational training funds

To make technical and vocational training an indispensable lever for the promotion of economic growth in the member countries

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"No State can conceive of its development without valorizing its human resources. Several countries understood this very early on by putting in place national policies for development, capacity building, financing and revitalization of vocational training structures and systems...
But faced with the collapse of borders and the challenges

In order to overcome the difficulties inherent in the vocational training sector, our countries have decided to federate their efforts and initiatives and to pool their experiences. This awareness was materialized by the creation of the African Network of Vocational Training Institutions and Funds in September 2006.

Four questions to President Lawal

How do you feel after your first term?

It is a feeling of joy and satisfaction that drives me following the work done by our various experts. They have done
all the basic work, and have
and allowed us to complete the pending files.

Are you planning an expansion of the ORPAP? 

Of course!!! Three countries are candidates for integration into the organization. We are constantly thinking of expanding the network, especially towards the Portuguese and English-speaking countries, in order to better share the benefits of employability of African youth.

What immediate work is planned?

Start of the Regional Program of Vocational Training (PROFOR) and the project of Vocational Training in Rural Areas, with the support of the Swiss cooperation.

Are the political actors involved?

The political representatives of each country are very involved in our efforts, as is the International Labour Office (ILO) for example.

President Abdou Djerma Lawal was re-elected in the elections of the annual general meeting in 2021