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Who are we?

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The African Network of Vocational Training Institutions and Funds (ANVTF) was created in 2006 in Cotonou by ten (10) continuing vocational training institutions and funds from nine African countries.

It currently has thirteen (13) Institutions and Funds and covers twelve (12) African countries.
Of the twelve countries involved, eight (8) are in the West African sub-region and three (3) are in the Central sub-region. To this group, Madagascar is added.
RAFPRO's vision is to bring together vocational training institutions and funds in order to make their mark in the field and to capitalise on their experiences with a view to synergising their actions.

Our missions

The Network's mission is to promote vocational training and develop a culture of investment in people. In this respect, it is responsible in particular for :
  • To promote a better exchange of experience and good practice between its members;
  • To serve as a framework for periodic consultation and reflection on the contribution of vocational training institutions and funds to the design and implementation of skills development programmes for business competitiveness, job creation, professional integration and the fight against poverty;
  • Work to build the capacity of the staff of the Network's member institutions and funds;
  • Establish partnerships for exchanges with similar associations and other institutions with the same goals;
  • To initiate and conduct, with the support of technical and financial partners, programmes of study, training and professional integration;
  • To be a reference network for international organisations, technical and financial partners and organisations in charge of vocational training;
  • Promote the Network and encourage membership with interested vocational training funding bodies.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the Funds' management methods and systems and to the quality of services;
  • To advocate with States and institutions to facilitate the accomplishment of its members' mission;

Member Countries in 2022

Our history

The training institutions and funds set up by the States, within the framework of human resources development policies, aim to promote the development of the skills of employees of formal enterprises as well as of professional actors and organisations in the agricultural, craft and informal sectors.

Ultimately, to help increase the productivity of the workforce and improve the competitiveness of companies and professional organisations through training.

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An exchange network

In order to be more efficient and to combine their efforts, the Training Institutions and Funds have formed a network, called the African Network of Training Institutions and Funds (RAFPRO).
The African Network of Vocational Training Institutions and Funds (ANVTF) was created in September 2006 in Cotonou with the support of the International Labour Office (ILO) as an association governed by the 1901 law.

RAFPRO, as a consultation framework, aims, thanks to the exchange of good practices, to feed the reflections on the issues of Technical and Vocational Skills Development (TVSD), in order to have a significant impact on the performance of the workforce and the competitiveness of productive sectors.